Youtube Monetization Policy 2021

Youtube monetization policy 2021. In this Video, I'll talk about new youtube monetization policy 2021. If you don't know about youtube monetization update 2021. Then this video is for you. Hey so what's up friends this is free tips here back with a new article.

Youtube Monetization Policy 2021

Examples of what is allowed to monetize:

To got monetization on YouTube which things you need to follow are given below:
  1. A Funny or thoughtful revisions of content you didn't originally create.
  2. Clips of others people's content as part of a critical review.
  3. A Scene from a movie where you've rewritten the dialogue and changed the voiceover.
  4. Replays of a sports tournament where you explain what a competitor did to succeed or fial.
  5. Reaction videos where you comment on the original video.
  6. Edited Footage from other creators where you add a storyline or commentary.

Examples of what is not allowed to monetize:

To got monetization on YouTube which things you need not to follow are given below:
  1. Short videos you compiled from other social media websites.
  2. Collections of songs from different artists (even if you have their permission).
  3. Clips of moments from your favorite show edited together with little or no narrative.
  4. Content Uploaded many times by other creators.
  5. Promotion of other people's content (even if you have their permission).
youtube monetization policy 2021

These are some things you need to follow if you wanna actually get google AdSense approval for you YouTube channel. Suppose, if you didn't follow these steps. Then its clear that your channel will not monetize.

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