Office Tour - Here is My 10,00,000 Rs Office | 10 Lakh ka Office

 Office Tour. Here is My 10,00,000 Rs Office. Today we will show you our brand new office. I made this office from blogging plus YouTube money. That I actually earned from Blogging and YouTube Also. I just share this for Motivational Purpose. 

Office Tour: 

All the Products that I used for my Office are listed below:

Office Chair:
I'm using this chair because of its comfort. Its so comfortable and relaxing. Its material is very Expensive and also Reliable. Its Prize is 25,000 Pkr.

office chair

Office Table: 
I Bought this table because of reliability. This table is so reasonable for Professional Offices. It has all qualities that a professional office needed. This is a Double table. One is for professional work and second is for Computer Laptop use. Its price is 37,000 Pkr.

office table

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Office Racks
These racks are made up with wood. These are so beautiful. This will make your office looks better. and so professional. I didn't buy these office racks from any online store. I Customized these racks. Price of these office racks are 5300 PKR. 

office racks

Table for Staff: 
This Table is made from Wood. Its so reliable for staff. Its Price is 25,000 PKR. 

office table

office table

Office Computer That I'm Using: 

I'm Using This Computer. Its Specifications are: 
  • RAM: 16GB
  • ROM: 1000GB
  • SSD Hard: 256GB For WINDOWS Only 
  • Etc..
Price of My Computer included LED is 87,000 PKR. 

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My Office Laptop: 
I'm Using Dell Laptop. I have 3 Laptop with Different Specifications. Price of My All Laptop's Are 1,50,000 PKR. 

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I'm Using Colors Speaker. These are local speakers but best for its sounds and base. Price of Colors speakers are 8500 Pkr. 


Camera Tripod: 
I'm Using this tripod from 4 Months. This is best for camera's. Its grip is so strong. price of this Camera Tripod is 4400 Pkr. 

Camera Tripod

My Mic: 
Its my Brand New Mic. Its voice quality is so Awesome. I Bought it from London. Price of this mic is 43,000 PKR. 


Ring Light: 
I'm Using this Ring Light because of its good results. Its Price is 5000 PKR Including Stand. 

Ring light

Office Watch: 
I didn't Bought this Watch. Its a gift from My Sister. Its Priceless. 

office watch

All others things that I can't show you right because of some reasons. 
Price of Other things are like:
  • Office Paint
  • Roof Ceiling
  • Fan
  • Window
  • Door
  • Office Construction 
  • Office Construction Material etc.

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